A Councillor needs to have a vision for Calgary and its city-wide concerns, but doing the job well also means handling your issues with the same thought and attention. Decisions on new crosswalks, recycling bins and snow removal need to be made every day by someone who understands why each one matters.

When I head to work each day I take the same streets I’ve walked my entire life. I’ve watched them change, mostly for the good, but not always.

We live in an extraordinary city, but we can still make it better.

Ask me how.

What I love about Calgary – and I know it’s shared by all Calgarians – is the people. It’s the remarkable spirit, the unconditional generosity, the scrappy edge, and the instinct for fun. I’ve met and worked with so many great people and I’ve been lucky, and put in the time, to build strong relationships with all sorts of Calgarians.

With 20 communities and a population of 81,040, Ward 8 is one of the largest in Calgary. It is made up of a wide range of residents, all ages and incomes.